Ray revisits his Birthplace

Portstewart, 12 November 2013, and The African Children’s Choir make their departure from Northern Ireland after completing their UK tour.  Daddy Ray was there to say goodbye to choir 39 as they set off by coach to make the ferry crossing from Larne to Scotland, and then a long drive through England to London where they boarded a flight back to Uganda.

 Ray's return to his birthplace in Northern Ireland.

Ray’s return to his birthplace in Northern Ireland.

Portstewart, Northern Ireland, is a very significant location for Ray Barnett, since it happens to be the place of his birth. Although it’s now a number of decades since he lived here permanently, Ray considers Portstewart to be one of his all time favourite places in the world.   During this visit he took the opportunity to once again walk beside the sea and take in its splendour. Observing the spectacular energy of the waves crashing against the Portstewart rocks, reminded Ray of times in the past when he was physically and mentally rejuvenated here, feeling a special closeness to God in a spiritual experience that renewed his ‘vision’ for his calling, and plotted the course for the next phase of his work.